The following podcast interview was published on May 9, 2017 by Millian Quinteros of Dominion Fire 360, a media content ministry in Las Vegas, Nevada. The interview includes my testimony on deliverance from a demon of yoga and an explanation of why the pose repertoire of yoga is the practice of religion that attracts the interest of the spirit realm. The interview is long, but worthwhile: 1:42:20. Listen in installments, or pop some popcorn and settle in. The download feature is enabled if you want an audio copy:

Here is the same broadcast on SoundCloud. You can download an audio copy here as well:



The personal profile video below, published August 14, 2018 on YouTube, is about six minutes long. In it, I explain why yoga is not just exercise but the body language of Hindu polytheism and monism and is a magnet for spirit power, which the practitioner unknowingly hosts.


The video series below is a synopsis six chapters of my book that discusses why the yoga posture system is inherently religious. The videos were posted on YouTube on October 31, 2017 and are between three and five minutes long.

  1. “Christian Yoga as Dual Communion” identifies Christian yoga as the reassignment of second-hand ritual worship to Christ, which amounts to dual communion with Christ and Hindu spirit beings.
  2. “My Epic Deliverance” relays my testimony on deliverance from a demon of yoga.
  3. “The Spirit Power in Yoga” discusses the spiritual ramifications of yoga as co-authored, co-owned work, which spirit beings continue to recognize as belonging to them.
  4. “Active Poses as Devotion in Motion” identifies acrobatic poses as the art of spiritual shape shifting or icon mimicry of spirit beings from Hindu mythology.
  5. “Sun and Moon Salutes as Devotion in Motion” identifies the Sun and Moon Salutes as obeisance to Hindu solar and lunar deities and the simulation of their celestial shapes and/or movements.
  6. “Passive Poses as Physical Philosophy” describes how meditation poses physically express yoga’s core doctrine of non-dualism or monism through the body language of detachment.